FFF Enterprises

FFF Enterprises is one of the largest distributors of the Flu Vaccines in the United States. Caisteal Builders, Inc. constructed on a Design Build basis a four phased expansion project. The 4 phases included:

Phase 1:

  • New 20,000 sq ft mezzanine adding offices to the existing office on the first and second floor
  • Added HVAC, electrical support systems
  • Brought in natural light with skylights and skylight shafts from the roof structure down through the ceiling

Phase 2:

  • Construct a pharmacy with an exterior entrance
  • Walk-in sample/product cooler
  • Testing and shipping areas

Phase 3:

  • New employee lunch room
  • Executive Conference room
  • General offices

Phase 4:

  • Converted a small 75 sq ft computer room with under-performing HVAC cooling systems
  • Created a computer room that was 600 sq ft with (2) 20-ton in-room computer room HCAC Mechanical units
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression system
  • Support IT office space just outside the computer room

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